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Friday, September 26, 2008

Did Brandon Jennings Make The Right Move?

Brandon Jennings is the latest prep-to-pros star. Yep, you heard me right, prep-to-pros...not just in the NBA. Brandon Jennings decided to skip college and go pro in Europe. As many of you know, the NBA doesn't allow high school players to go straight to the NBA without "attending" at least a year of college. So Brandon Jennings decided to take his game to Europe.

It remains to be seen whether or not Jennings made a good decision. But it seems that he did. Instead of playing against "kids" in the NCAA, Jennings will be bangin' with professionals who have bodies of professionals. One thing Jennings will have to develop sooner than later is his body. He needs to put up some mass if he wants to keep up with the big boys in the Euro league.

One more thing that Jennings will learn in Europe is how to play team ball. The NBA "one-on-one" style would not be able to win you games in Europe. If Jennings could adapt this style of play, he will be able to compete with point guards such as Steve Nash, Deron Williams, and Chris Paul. Jennings will be able to run a team smoothly, which is one quality teams are looking for right now.

A quality point guard has been a hot commodity right now in the NBA and Jennings might be the next hot stuff for the 2009 Draft.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Gilbert Arenas Will Represent Himself

According to the Washington Times, Gilbert Arenas will represent himself in free agent negotiations. This means that Arenas will be talking with teams himself when time comes to sign a new contract. Arenas will also save some money since the agent's fee will be going to his pockets now.

Arenas is now officially a free agent since he opted out of his contract.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Old School Michael Jordan Shoes

In the mid-80's, Shoe Manufacturer Nike made a special shoe for a young, up-and-coming superstar named Michael Jordan and called it the Air jordan. These "Old School MichaelJordan Shoes" of today were probably the biggest rubber shoes fad of that time. These shoes were so big that it evolved into a sub brand today -- The Jordan Brand.

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Kevin Garnett Gallery: The Early Years

Now that THe Big Ticket is in the Finals for the 1st time in his career, I've created a Kevin Garnett Gallery to look back at his early days in the League.

More Kevin Garnett Gallery Photos to come!

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

NBA TRADE RUMORS: Wade and No. 2 Pick to Bulls For No. 1 Pick

There are NBA trade rumors circulating that the Bulls are swapping the 1st pick overall and a combination of players to the Heat, for Dwyane Wade and the No. 2 pick. Usually these kinds of news are just another NBA trade rumor. But there have been a few blockbuster deals that started like this. The latest NBA trade rumor was the Kevin Garnett trade to Boston which started with Kevin Garnett saying he'll never play in Boston, but ended up leading them into the Finals.

Wade grew up in Chicago as a Michael Jordan fan, and being traded to the Bulls wouldn't be that bad. "I have a lot of history with the Bulls," Wade said. "And for them to come out with the first pick like that (with a 1.7 percent lottery chance) ... it was fitting that they would do something like that. Nobody thought that would happen. To be in that position and sit back and listen to anything and go back to a team and say: 'How about this? and 'How about that?' ... If [the Bulls] don't make any big moves like that, they're still going to have a great player."

Whatever happens in the trading arena, the Bulls would either get Michael Beasley or Derrick Rose come draft day.

Friday, May 23, 2008

NBA Mock Draft 2008

I'm going to join the bandwagon and create my own NBA Mock Draft 2008. The NBA Draft 2008 is going to be held at the Wamu Theater in Madison Square Garden on June 26. Here I will try to predict which players lottery teams will pick in the upcoming draft.

1. Chicago - Derrick Rose - A lot of people are telling me that the Bulls have been longing for the ultimate post guy that will lead them to being a contender. But when you have a point guard who can orchestrate your offense in masterful way, passing up on Beasley wouldn't be so hard. Rose can create wide open shots with his dribble penetration, as there is no player he couldn't beat off the dribble. Rose is an excellent shooter, rebounder and defender.

2. Miami - Michael Beasley - Adding a talented big man into the Miami roster would help take the pressure off Dwyane Wade. With the presence of a big man, the floor can open

up more for Dwyane Wade. Heat fans won't miss Shaq as they will be having a young dominant big man in a Heat jersey soon.

3. Minnesota - Brook Lopez - Lopez isn't in the same league as Rose or Beasley, but if paired with Al Jefferson, he could be a headache for other teams. Lopez has an amazing touch from the outside which can be a weapon if Al Jefferson would be double-teamed a lot. One of Lopez's strengths is his amazing conditioning.

4. Seattle - Jerryd Bayless - Bayless reminds me of Ben Gordon. He isn't that tall for the average shooting guard in the NBA, like Gordon. If Seattle picks him, he might see some time as a point guard, a position he proved he can play at. But his natural position would be shooting guard especially with his high-elevating jump shot.

5. Memphis - O.J. Mayo - I picked O.J. Mayo at this spot mainly because I don't see him not being in the top 5. Rudy Gay is the Grizzlies' main wing man, and Mayo may be in the same position as Gay. But Mayo's one-on-one game is far superior than Gay's. O.J. Mayo may end up being one of the great one-on-one players in the NBA. Whether its taking a shot off the dribble or backing his opponent up, Mayo can definitely score at will. He just has to control all the off-court distractions that are happening to him.

6. New York - Danilo Gallinari - Now that Mike D'Antoni is the head coach, I think Danilo Gallinari fits the New York Knicks. Gallinari is an open-court type of player and can be a weapon used by D'Antoni. For a 6-9 player, he has great ball handling skills. We may see him be used as a point-forward at times.

7. L.A. Clippers - Eric Gordon - Gordon is also like Mayo is terms of creating his own shot. But Eric Gordon is undersized for his position which can be a problem on defense. The Clippers would need a tall point guard (Shaun Livingston) to compensate with the height mismatch on the defensive end.

8. Milwaukee - Anthony Randolph - Randolph is a very skilled and athletic power forward. The only problem is, he is still very raw and young, something I'm not sure the Bucks would want. Randolph needs time to develop in the NBA before he can be a force. One aspect of his game that is amazing is how he creates plays of the dribble.

9. Charlotte - DeAndre Jordan - Like Randolph, Jordan is still very young but has a lot of promise. He reminds me of a not so stable Dwight Howard. When Jordan goes for dunks, he is amazing. But sometimes, he looks like he doesn't have a strong core or lower body. He needs to develop his body in order for him to become a threat in the low post.

10. New Jersey - Marreese Speights - Speights isn't one of those talked about prospects but is one of the more solid power forwards in this draft. The Nets are loaded with wing men and shooters, so drafting Speights could be a great addition.

These are my predictions for the 2008 NBA Draft this coming June. Let's see if my NBA Mock Draft 2008 would be accurate or not.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008



Sorry for the all-caps title! this is gonna be a biased blog for my favorite team. The Chicago Bulls won the NBA Draft Lottery and has a chance to get back to the playoffs as early as next year. For me, I think the Bulls should go for Derrick Rose. Michael Beasley might be the best playenba draft lotteryr in the draft, and is almost sure to win Rookie of the Year honors, but with the emergence of the phenomenal point guards and how it affects the team (Chris Paul, Deron Williams), I think the Bulls should go with Rose in this year's NBA Draft.

Derrick Rose carried the Memphis Tigers to the National Title and I think he can do the same with the Bulls, especially with Luol Deng, Ben Gordon, and young prospects Joakim Noah and Tyrus Thomas in the line-up.

I hope this is the year the Bulls will legitimately come back to being a contender. Luck in the Lottery is the first step, but the Bulls would have to work hard to get back into shape.

The 2008 NBA Draft will be held at the Wamu Theatre in Madison Square Gardens, NY on June 26th, 2008

Monday, May 19, 2008

Spurs Not Ready to Give Title Up

The San Antonio Spurs, led by Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker, beat the young New Orleans Hornets 91-82 to advance to the Western Conference Finals. The Spurs arranged a meeting with the Los Angeles Lakers. The Spurs were anchored by their three superstars, however, it wasn't only the three who delivered the blows against the Spurs. Bruce Bowen, Michael Finley and Robert Horry delivered big three's in the crucial third quarter, a quarter that determines who will win the game in this series.

Tony Parker added 17 points, including a crucial jumper in the final minute, as the Spurs held off a late rally to become the first team in this series to win on the road. Tim Duncan had 16 points and 14 rebounds for the Spurs, seeking to win back-to-back titles for the first time.

The Spurs aren't ready to give up their title just yet. The defending champs showed that they are still the champions and until someone beats them, they won't go away. The San Antonio Spurs and Los Angeles Lakers showdown will be an exciting match-up as Kobe Bryant brings in a new crew of Lakers to regain NBA Supremacy from the Spurs.

Spurs Fans are classless

Friday, May 16, 2008

Spurs Fans Are Classless

In Game 6 of the Hornets and Spurs, Robert Horry struck again. No, it wasn't Big Shot Bob. Those days are now over. Instead, Cheap Shot Bob appeared again. Robert Horry delivered a leaning pick into David West's injured back and sent West into the locker room. If you see the replay, it isn't a malicious play. But because it was Robert Horry, you'll now think and wonder that it is. Yes, Robert Horry is the Spurs' hit man. However Pop tries his sarcasm to suggest that Horry's foul was clean, everyone knows how Horry thinks, especially after his hip-check to Steve Nash last year in the playoffs.

But enough about Horry, cause everyone already knows how dirty the guy is on the court. What I was shocked to see was how the crowd reacted. When David West was down with his injured back, the crowd started to chant "Horry...Horry...Horry!" I can't believe my ears! These people are cheering someone who decked a person to the ground with the possibility of a long term injury. These people are just classless. I used to admire San Antonio. They had the best team this decade, the best organization, the best fans. No one in the world gives them credit despite winning championships every other year. And their fans are a big part of it...and I admire them for that. But after game 6, i simply lost respect for them. You just don't cheer for someone who injured another person. Even if the person who committed the foul was on your team.

Bowen used to be the Dirty Harry in San Antonio, now it's "Dirty Horry", along with his Mob.

Spurs Not Ready to Give Title Up

Manu is The Man!!!

Hornets are a Tough Match-Up For Spurs in Game 1

Derek Fisher…Key to Lakers’ Success?

Watch The NBA Playoffs Online!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

2008 NBA Draft

The 2008 NBA Draft Lottery is near. The draft predictions since my last blog about the draft have changed. Derrick Rose is now the top prospect in the NBA Draft since he dazzled the nation in his tournament performance. Michael Beasley is still a solid pick at the top 2 spots. OJ Mayo jumped from number 10 to number 3. The flamboyant USC Trojan got his hype back due to some lackluster performances from other prospects. One player who cracked the top 10 is LSU Freshman Anthony Randolph. He is an extremely versatile forward with great quickness and athleticism, although he needs to bulk up a bit for the NBA game.

Here is the list of the top ten according to NBADraft.net, as of May 12, 2008:
1. Derrick Rose 6-3 195 PG Memphis Fr.
2. Michael Beasley 6-9 235 SF K.St. Fr.
3. OJ Mayo 6-4 210 SG USC Fr.
4. Brook Lopez 7-0 260 C Stanford So.
5. Jerryd Bayless 6-3 182 SG Ariz. Fr.
6. Eric Gordon 6-4 220 SG Indiana Fr.
7. DeAndre Jordan 7-0 250 C TX A&M Fr.
8. Anthony Randolph 6-10 200 SF LSU Fr.
9. Danilo Gallinari 6-10 220 SF Italy 1988
10. Nicolas Batum 6-8 210 SG France 1988

Can't wait til the 2008 NBA Draft Lottery to determine who gets a crack at choosing either Rose or Beasley.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Jerry Stackhouse: Carlisle is the Right Fit!

Jerry Stackhouse believes that Rick Carlisle is a right fit for the Mavs. Many believe that this isn't so.

"He's the best guy available and the best coach for our team with our personalities," said Stackhouse, who played for Carlisle in Detroit. "He's the best fit without question. There are not enough positive things I can say about him."

"Rick is smart enough to get it done," Stackhouse assured. "If you judge him from what he has done in the past, there is reason to ask can this guy adjust to what the Mavericks want to do as they go forward. But knowing him, he's a coach who adjusts and operates with the personnel he has."

Jerry Stackhouse is not sure to be on the Mavs' roster come training camp. Many believe that the coaching change is one of many moves Mark Cuban will make this off-season for the Mavs, who lost in the first round to the New Orleans Hornets.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Derek Fisher…Key to Lakers’ Success?

Johnny Ludden wrote a column in Yahoo! Sports about Derek Fisher being the "Most Valuable Teammate." It was something I have never thought about when thinking of the Lakers' success story this season. I always attribute it to Kobe's passion for the game, or Gasol's addition to the team. But thinking about it, Fisher might be the 2nd biggest factor for the Lakers' winning ways. In 1996, the Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher Lakers career started. They won 3 championships together then the Laker Dynasty pieces went their separate ways. Kobe stayed on, and the Lakers weren't winning that much.

Last season, when Kobe was eliminated, Derek Fisher was deep into the playoffs. Then came the news on Fisher's Daughter's cancer. Fisher needed to move to a city where there are facilities that can cure Fisher's daughter. He moved to L.A.

Kobe was delighted to have his most trusted teammate back in a Laker uniform. Fisher was the veteran presence they needed. Now, he has played big for the Lakers. Unfortunately for the Jazz, it was Fisher, the guy they let go for his daughter's cause, who nailed the dagger in game 2 of the Lakers-Jazz series.

The Lakers is often about Kobe Bryant, but after reading Ludden's column, this duo may somehow be likened to the famous quote about Jordan and Pippen, "Michael never won a ring without Scottie." The Lakers is not just about Kobe Bryant, it can also be about Derek Fisher.

Spurs Not Ready to Give Title Up

Arenas Won't Return If Jamison Doesn't

According to Gilbert Arenas' Blog, if the Washington Wizards don't resign Antawn Jamison, then Agent Zero won't be back as a Wizard either.

"If he doesn't come back, I'm not coming back," Arenas said Wednesday in a post on his blog.

Arenas can opt out of his contract with the Wizards, a move he has publicly stated he would do for more money. Jamison will become a free agent and expect many teams to acquire the services of Jamison who steered the Wizards into a playoff spot despite injuries to Arenas and Caron Butler.

Arenas and Jamison have been teammates the past four season in Washington and two season in Golden State. Arenas said that Jamison is part of his success as a player. So having Jamison back is a must for Ernie Grunfeld if he wants Arenas back.

For more topics about the Wizards and the recently concluded Cleveland-Washington Series, visit Gilbert Arenas Blog.

NBA News Blog

Kevin Garnett Saves Celtics

The Cleveland Cavs fell victim to the "Kevin Garnett basketball show". Garnett scored 28 points, grabbed 8 rebounds, and dished out 3 assists to lead the Celtics to a 1-0 series lead on a night 2 of the big three were having off-nights. Garnett was amazing both on the offensive and the defensive ends. When the Celtics didn't know where to get the points from, they went to one man that can surely create some shots.

LeBron James was held to just 12 points on 2-of-18 shooting, but vowed that he won't have the same fate in game 2.

“I can’t play no worse than I did last night,” James said.

Whatever the players may say, game 2 promises to be another exciting one. Hopefully, this game would show more "on fire nights" rather than a couple of off-nights from superstars. LeBron has to comeback strong, or else the Cavs are doomed. For the Celtics, they hope Paul Pierce and Ray Allen comes back and contribute to the "Kevin Garnett Basketball Show."

Garnett Wins Defensive Player of the Year

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Watch The NBA Playoffs Online!

NBA Playoffs

The NBA playoffs is the most important part of the NBA season. This is when you find out if your team's offseason or mid-season moves are worth it and will take your team to the NBA Finals. This is the time when the game gets more physical compared to the regular season. The true character of a player, or a team, shows in the playoffs. Is your favorite player a true superstar? Or will choke when it comes to the last shot of a game 7 of an NBA playoff series? In short, the playoffs is the most heart-thumping part of an NBA season. Not being able to watch it...SUCKS!

Our cable provider had a disagreement with the cable channel that carries all the NBA games in the Philippines late last year. Early in January, all I could do was read the news on the internet. I write about the NBA a lot in my Sports Blog, that's why it was hard for me not to watch the games.

But come February, I discovered a way to watch the games online. Their called P2P Channels. These channels give live feeds of live events such as sports, news channels, movies, tv shows, etc., to people all over the world. How do you use it? First, you have to download a P2P player. I've got three on my computer: SOPCast, TVU, and TVAnts. There are more players, so just pick what suits you best. Once I have installed the player on my computer, I go to http://myP2P.eu and look for live sports and click it. There you will find the NBA Playoff Schedule and the games that are available. Just pick a game, click play, and there you go, you're off to watching your favorite NBA team...LIVE!!!

Good luck to all the teams! Hope all of you could watch the NBA Playoffs!

Spurs Not Ready to Give Title Up

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Brandon Vera Trains for Fabricio Werdum

Brandon Vera tries to get one step closer to having another title shot when he faces Fabricio Werdum in UFC 85. Brandon Vera has been successful in the UFC with his strikes. But there are reports that Werdum has been training hard for the stand-up game and has shown major improvements. Here is Brandon Vera's training video:

D'Antoni To The Bulls?

An ESPN.com report said that Mike D'Antoni is close to a deal with the Chicago Bulls. However, a Phoenix Radio Station reported that the Suns Coach is closer to a deal with The New York Knicks citing money issues with the Bulls. Jerry Reinsford said that the next head coach has to adhere with the team's defensive philosophy. That might be a problem because Mike D'Antoni is an offensive minded coach.

Mike D'Antoni has had a winning record the past 4 1/2 seasons with the Suns. But a late season clash of philosophy with General Manager Steve Kerr has caused friction in Phoenix. Now, the Suns are allowing D'Antoni to speak with other teams and walk away from his contract. This is a ploy of cheapskate owner Robert Sarver not to pay D'Antoni his remaining $8.5 million. If he fired D'Antoni, he has to pay him the remaining amount in his contract.

A Bulls source said that no offer has been made to D'Antoni, so we'll just have to wait for about another week to see what happens. The Suns wants this coaching issue resolved by next week.

Monday, May 5, 2008

The NBA's Stupid Replay Rule

first read DAN WETZEL's article here:Magic fall victim to NBA’s poor timing

The NBA should allow referees to look at replays at any time in the game for any kind of call. Referees get the majority of complains in games from players, coaches, executives during a call that is questionable. Even if they want to double-check it their call, they couldn't because they're not allowed to. All these complains should be directed to David Stern. CHANGE THE RULE!!! Referees get the blame for you poor decision making!

NBA Playoffs: Where Chris Paul Happens!

If the MVP voting included the playoffs, then Chris Paul might have just been voted the MVP. Chris Paul has continued to dominate this year's post-season by confusing the Spurs with an array of razzle-dazzle moves. He scored 30 points and dished out 12 assists in leading the Hornets to a 102-84 win to take a 2-0 lead. He just played around with the Spurs on offense. No one could defend CP3.

Chris Paul is the best point guard today. Sorry Deron, maybe some other year. This year clearly belongs to CP3!!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Hornets are a Tough Match-Up For Spurs in Game 1

The New Orleans Hornets beat the San Antonio Spurs in Game 1 of theit Playoff Series 101-82. Although the score was a blowout, it wasn't that easy for the Hornets, who trailed by 11 in the 1st half. But after halftime, the Hornets showed that the Spurs could not apply the formula they used to beat the Suns. Tony Parker was the primary reason for the Spurs' dominance of the Suns. But during game 1 against the Hornets, Tony Parker couldn't dominate CP3 the way he dominated Steve Nash. CP3 showed superb lateral movement and was always in front of Parker. During the times when Parker got past CP3, he was usually met by Tyson Chandler or David West, who are quicker and more athletic than Shaq, who was toyed around by Parker during the Suns/Spurs series.

In the offensive end, the Spurs have got to find a way to stop Chris Paul. CP3 doesn't score every time he drives to the basket, but he always creates ways for his teammates to score. Every time Paul drives to the lane, a ton of Spurs collapses on him, thus creating open shots for his teammates. And Paul broke Bruce Bowen's ankles a couple of times.

In game 1, David West looked like the veteran, while Tim Duncan just scored 5 points, which matched a career playoff low. West scored 30 points through simple, fundamentally sound basketball moves against the Spurs all night. Shades of Tim Duncan? It's going to be interesting to see how the power forward match-up will develop in this series.

Can the Spurs come back in game 2? Definitely! They're the defending champs! And they've got, in my opinion, the best power forward in the game today. Duncan will be back for sure. Let's see what adjustments Greg Popovich make for next game.

Spurs Not Ready to Give Title Up

Carlisle Is New Mavs Coach

The New York Post has reported that former Indiana Pacers head coach Rick Carlisle has agreed to terms to be the next head coach of the Dallas Mavericks. Carlisle, who has been interviewed by both the Bulls and the Knicks was quickly snagged by the Dallas Mavericks who recently fired head coach Avery Johnson after losing in the first round of the playoffs for the second straight year.

Rivers Disturbed At Fourth Quarter Technical

Boston head coach Doc Rivers was "Disturbed" by how Paul Pierce reacted to fouling out in the fourth quarter of their game 6 match-up with the Atlanta Hawks. Doc Rivers said that it has been a team rule this year that no one should get a technical foul in the fourth quarter because "It's just not enough time to make up for it in the fourth."

Pierce was called for a technical for throwing his headband. According to NBA rules, it is an automatic technical if any player throws a wristband or a headband.

Kobe Bryant Will Be Named MVP

Finally, after 12 years in the NBA, one of the most explosive players in the game's history will finally win his first, and much deserved, MVP award. Reports are saying that he will be awarded by David Stern in L.A. next week. Chris Paul is probably the player who came in second. Paul might have won the MVP award if he was playing like this in other years. His MVP-like season however was overshadowed by Bryant's brilliant handling of the Lakers' trade fiasco, and the way he turned the Lakers around into a championship caliber team.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Coaching Changes in the NBA

Now that some teams have been eliminated from the playoffs, expect that there will be lots of coaching interviews that will happen from now until training camp. Two of the most mentioned names so far have been Avery Johnson, who was recently fired by the Mavs, and Mike D'Antoni, the Suns mentor who many expect won't return next season. Another big name who had already landed a job is Larry Brown. Brown joined fellow former Tar Heel Michael Jordan to try to turn things around in Charlotte.

When it comes to the teams who are looking for coaches, the most watched teams have to be Chicago and New York. New York had interviewed Mark Jackson for the job, but the Bulls also seem interested in the former Knick point guard. However, with recent news that Sam Mitchell might be on the chopping block in Toronto, the Knicks might give it a go with Mitchell. Donnie Walsh, the new boss in New York, loved Mitchell's toughness when Mitchell played in in Indiana for Walsh. Some say that Mitchell might be the one who can make Eddy Curry and Zach Randolph work more.

In Toronto, it seems that Bryan Colangelo would be reuniting with Mike D'Antoni if the Suns decide that they would trash their run-run-run style of play. Steve Kerr had emphasized that the only way to win a championship is through defense. If D'Antoni is fired, there is no doubt that Colangelo would hire D'Antoni and build the new run-run-run team in Toronto.

As for the Bulls, GM John Paxon seems to like Avery Johnson. In some reports, they state that Paxon is leaning towards hiring a former player who was "tough" during his playing years. With that said, Avery Johnson and Mark Jackson would be the most fitting candidates for the job.

The coaching carousel continues in the NBA. No man is safe from the axing of the head offices. Not even coaches who compiled a winning record for the team. For team owners and executives, only one thing is important...win a title.

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Lakers Sweep Nuggets

The Los Angeles Lakers brought out their brooms in Game 4 of their playoff match-up with Denver as they beat the Nuggets 107-101. This series has been the only sweep of this season's post-season.

The Nuggets tried to get back into the game through the efforts of J.R. Smith. But Smith's efforts weren't enough. Kobe Bryant then took over when it mattered most scoring nine points in a row in the 4th quarter and lead the Lakers to a 107-101 win over the 8th seeded Denver Nuggets.

The Lakers didn't really have a good game, but the Nuggets didn't take advantage of the Lakers' sloppy game. Aside from J.R. Smith, none of the Nuggets seemed pumped up to win this game against L.A.

Hawks Stun Celtics...Again!

The Atlanta Hawks stunned the Boston Celtics once again by beating them 97-92. Joe Johnson, who gave much praise to rookie teammate Al Horford for their game 3 win, took on the leader's role in game 4. Johnson scored 20 of his 35 points in the fourth quarter and answered almost every basket the Celtics converted down the stretch. Now, a game 5 is already in the works in a series that many experts believed would not go beyond the fourth game. The Hawks have the worst record among all playoff teams this season. But that didn't hinder them from showing the world that when playoff time comes, regular season records doesn't matter.

Josh Smith added 28 points and a franchise playoff record-breaking 7 blocks for the Hawks, who have the youngest roster in the playoffs today.

After getting blown out in the first two games, Atlanta became a different team on their home turf. Rookie Al Horford got into Paul Pierce's face after making a shot in game 3, prompting the Boston forward to flash a menacing gesture. Pierce was fined $25,000 before the start of game 4. Then in the second quarter of game 4, Kevin Garnett elbowed Zaza Pachulia that prompted a heated forehead-to-forehead argument.

The game started as if the Celtics would blow the Hawks away. But that all changed when Johnson unleashed his scoring prowess. Instead of heading back to Boston with a 3-1 lead, The Celtics go into game 5 - which I don't think Celtics fans had tickets to before game 3 - with the series tied. The most lopsided series on paper, is now the most interesting series in the playoffs. Beating the Celtics on their homecourt will be the ultimate test for the Hawks. They should expect that Joe Johnson will be a marked man. Other players should now step up and contribute if they want an upset to happen in this series.

Jason Kidd Ejected in Game Four

Jason Kidd was ejected in game four of their first round playoff series with the New Orleans Hornets for a flagrant foul 2 on Jannero Pargo. There has been a debate on wether or not the foul was intentional or not. Based on my analysis of the replay, I think Jason Kidd went first for the ball, but when he got hold of Pargo's neck, he slammed Pargo down to the floor. Was the foul premeditated? I don't think so. Did Jason Kidd deserve the ejection? Definitely. This is already a pretty heated playoff series and the NBA doesn't want it to get out of hand. They want it to be physical, but not dirty.

As for game five, I think the Hornets would wrap the series up. And after the final horn, Mark Cuban should think about all the moves he has to do this off-season.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What Should The Dallas Mavericks Do?

If the Mavericks do not survive their first round match-up with the New Orleans Hornets, what should they do in the off-season? Would Mark Cuban regret trading Devin Harris Away? For now, there are reports that the most obvious move Cuban would make is to fire Head Coach Avery Johnson. Would that be a wise move? Stats wise, it is. Avery has a record of 2-10 in his last 12 playoff games, which includes the 2006 Finals collapse.

Another thing to think about is whether or not to keep Jason Kidd. The move that brought Kidd to Dallas was supposed to be an upgrade for this season...nothing beyond this season. A rebuilding process might not be that appealing to team leader Dirk Nowitzki, so what other options does Cuban have? Can Dallas pull-off what Mitch Kupchak did in LA? Kupchak made the Lakers a contender in an instant. Does Cuban have the pieces and connections (some say this is how Kupchak acquired Gasol for virtually nothing from the Grizzlies) to be able to acquire the right pieces in the off-season for a legitimate shot at the Championship in the future?

Right now, the Mavericks are just hoping that they could still salvage this season and just win it all as to avoid any panic rebuilding. By winning the title, Mark Cuban can say that all the moves he has done has finally paid off. But until that happens, Cuban has to think of ways to bring back the Mavericks to the top of the NBA.

Manu is The Man!!!

Manu Ginobili, winner of this season's Sixth Man of the Year, has clearly been the best player on the Spurs' roster this season. I was watching game 2 of the Suns-Spurs series and it is just amazing to watch how Manu Ginobili just took control of the game when the Suns repeatedly tried to make a run. When the Spurs were having trouble scoring, they just give it to Manu, and he either scores, or creates plays for his teammates. Tony Parker is right when he said that Manu has been their Best Player the whole year.

Manu Ginobili isn't coming off the bench because he isn't starter quality. He just comes off the bench because it fits the Spurs' system better. By coming off the bench, the Spurs will still have a superstar even when Pop decides to sit Duncan or Parker after while. Plus, by coming off the bench, Ginobili is still fresh as compared to the other superstars on the other team who are probably worn out because of the running. The Spurs are known to be Tim Duncan's team. But I think as early as next year, it could be very well be Manu Ginobili's team. Or at the very least, it will be the Parker-Ginobili tandem that will be the face of the Spurs. This combo is very underrated. I think they are better than the Billups-Hamilton tandem in Detroit...

I don't think that Manu is close in contending for the MVP this year, but I'd love to see him win the MVP award once in his career.

Spurs Not Ready to Give Title Up

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Garnett Wins Defensive Player of the Year

Kevin Garnett won the Defensive Player of the Year for the first time by a wide margin one day before Boston takes a 1-0 lead into Game 2 of the first-round series against Atlanta.

He had 90 of the 124 first-place votes and a total of 493 points. Marcus Camby of Denver, last year’s winner, was second with 12 first and 178 points, just edging Shane Battier of Houston, who received 11 first-place votes and 175 points.

“Any award you’re able to acquire in this league is a big deal,” said Garnett, who would much prefer his first NBA championship. “At the end of the day, it’s about winning.”

The 6-foot-11, long-armed forward is the major factor behind the Celtics’ climb from a mediocre defensive team to perhaps the best in the league. They held opponents to an NBA-low 41.9 field goal percentage after allowing them to hit 46.8 percent of their shots last season. And they allowed just 90.3 points per game, second-fewest in the league, after giving up 99.2 last year.

No surprise, then, that Boston improved from 24-58 last season to 66-16, the NBA’s best record, after trading for Garnett last summer.

“He’s changed our culture defensively,” coach Doc Rivers said. “That’s the most important thing, just the team part of it. Individually, he’s been fantastic, but I think his presence for the team is what stood out.”

Garnett Saves Celtics

Bucks Hire Skiles as Head Coach

John Hammond, General Manager of the Milwaukee Bucks, announced today that Scott Skiles, former Chicago Bulls coach, has agreed to a multi-year deal to coach the Bucks.

“Scott is a proven NBA head coach who has shown an ability to win,” said Hammond. “He was a passionate player at all levels of the game and that thirst for success has served him well as a coach. We look forward to what he will bring to this franchise and we welcome him and his family to Milwaukee.”

Skiles was fired by the Bulls last December after leading the team to the playoffs the past three years.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Chuck Liddell suffers hamstring injury

Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell has torn his right hamstring and has been forced out of a scheduled fight with Rashad Evans at UFC 85. The fight between Liddell and Evans was previously set to headline the event, which takes place June 7 at the 02 Arena in London, England.

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sixers Shock Pistons In Game One

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The Philadelphia 76ers rallied from a 15-point deficit to beat the Detroit Pistons 90-86 in Game One of their Playoff series. Andre Miller scored 20 points and dished out 5 assists to lead Philadelphia and Reggie Evans added 11 points and grabbed 14 boards. Rasheed Wallace had a big game with 24 points and 9 rebounds but fell short in leading the Pistons to a win.

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Davidson Upsets Georgetown

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The Davidson Wildcats were almost down and out -- that was until Stephen Curry unleashed his game heroics. The Wildcats, 10th seed in the Midwest division, beat the Georgetown Hoyas and pushed their winning streak to 24 games. The Wildcats trailed by 17 points with 9:27 remaining, but shot a sizzling 51.9 percent in the second half as Stephen Curry, son of former NBA 3-point gunner Dell Curry, and the Wildcats got their groove en route to the win.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Celtics end Rockets streak at 22

The Boston Celtics defeated the Houston Rockets to end Houston's Winning Streak at 22 games. The Rockets now have the longest winning streak in NBA history. After being down so much in the 4th quarter, the Toyota Center crowd stood and roared one last time, not in celebration of the night, but in appreciation of so many nights strung together for so long.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tiger Woods Buys $65 Million Hamptons House

Located on exclusive Gin Lane, Tiger Woods' bought a $65 million estate in the Hamptons which is on nearly six gated acres with a 13,200-square-foot Colonial Revival main residence, a 7,500-square-foot guest house and a four-car garage with staff quarters.

The lush grounds feature an oversized seaside pool with spa, a tennis court, a lily pond and professionally groomed gardens.

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

NCAA Brackets Released - Selection Sunday UNC #1 in the East

The NCAA has finished selecting the 64 teams for Selection Sunday. North Carolina is ranked number 1 in the East tournament bracket. And Duke is ranked number 2 in the West tournament bracket. Below is a photo from Yahoo! of the tournament bracket.

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Lewis Hamilton Wins Aussie Grand Prix

News taken from http://www.planet-f1.com

Lewis Hamilton has taken victory - and a hefty points lead over Kimi Raikkonen - with a flawless performance in the Australian GP.

One of the few drivers in the field not to endure some sort of drama on a spectacular return for F1, Hamilton delivered a perfect display of frontrunning to secure the win. Yet while Hamilton prospered, Ferrari suffered a nightmare afternoon with Ice Man Kimi Raikkonen melting in the Melbourne sunshine. The Finn twice slid off the track and then failed to finish the race due to engine failure. The World Champions showed they have the pace to challenge - and possibly beat - McLaren but leave Australia with plenty of problems to dwell on.

The story of the race - apart from the glorious havoc brought on by a lack of traction control - was the roll of the dice provided by three Safety Car periods, which sidelined Robert Kubica, robbed Heikki Kovalainen of second place, but allowed Nico Rosberg to claim his forst podium and Fernando Alonso to gain an unlikely fourth place. Kovalainen eventually finished the race in fifth place followed home by Rubens Barrichello who faces disqualification after exiting the pitlane when the exit light was on red.

Only seven cars were running at the chequered flag.

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Manny Pacquiao Wins on Split Decision

Manny Pacquiao, the Filipino ring icon, beat Juan Manuel Marquez of Mexico 112-115, 115-112, 114-113 by split decision earlier in the day (Philippine time). It surprised me when I heard Michael Buffer announced "and new WBC..." because I expected Marquez to win. With everyone in our family get together viewing of the Pacquiao fight giving the win to Marquez, I was surprised...but happy. Pacquiao did get revenged for the flawed judging during their match that ended in a draw four months ago. Despite hard evidence that judge who saw it as a draw made a scoring mistake, they refused to change the outcome before. Now, Manny Pacquiao gets his revenge.

This wasn't the greatest boxing fight Pacquiao has fought in, but we'd still be happy to get the win. Manny wasn't attacking that much because Juan Manuel Marquez is a master at counter-punching. I hope there will be a third fight because this isn't a convincing win. But I'm thinking that if there will be a third fight, it has to be at the 135lbs class as Pacquiao is keen on going up a weight class.

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Ring Magazine

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

USC beats ASU 59-55 in Pac-10 Quarter-Finals

O.J. Mayo scored 23 points, and the USC Trojans stepped it up on the defensive end to beat Arizona State 59-55 in the quarterfinals of the Pac-10 tournament.

Davon Jefferson and Taj Gibson each had 11 points and nine rebounds for the Trojans, who were superb on the defensive end allowing ASU's final field goal with more than 9 minutes remaining in the game.

The win was the sixth in seven games for the fourth-seeded Trojans (21-10), who had already assured themselves of an NCAA tournament berth.

Monday, March 10, 2008

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ben Wallace Shipped to Cleveland in 3-team Trade

Ben Wallace, the Bulls' marquee free agent pick up in 2006, is now headed to Cleveland to help LeBron James win his first NBA title. Along with Wallace, the Bulls sent consistent big man Joe Smith to the Cavs. The Bulls gets Larry Hughes, Drew Gooden, Shannon Brown and Cedric Simons. The third team in the trade is the Seattle Supersonics who sent Wally Szczerbiak and Delonte West to Cleveland while aquiring Ira Newble and Donyell Marshall from the Cavs, and Adrian Griffin from the Bulls.

This will be a big impact to the Cavs in their playoff push this year. The Bulls, while giving up two of its top big men, will be getting a more aggressive player offensively in Gooden. This the kind of big man the Bulls have been lacking these past few year. By getting Wallace in 2006, they thought they solved the problem. But everyone knows, that Wallace is a defender and not a scorer. Gooden gives the Bulls that low post threat they needed this whole year. The Sonics, will be getting purely expiring contracts. Newble's contract is coming off the books after this season, while Marshall and Griffin's contracts expire after next season.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Jason Kidd to Dallas, at last!

Jason Kidd is officially a Dallas Maverick. The trade that almost didn't happen, happened. The New Jersey Nets shipped Jason Kidd, Malik Allen and Antoine Wright in exchange for Devin Harris, Desagna Diop, Trenton Hassel, Keith Van Horn, two first-round draft picks, and $3 million. This deal makes the Mavs a more serious title contender. Jason Kidd makes good teammates great. So I'm excited to see what he can do with Dirk Nowitzki. The Mavs however need to win within the next 2 - or 3 - years with this line-up. If not, Its back to rebuilding. Nowitzki is in his prime, and Kidd is still in the latter part of his. Waiting for Devin Harris to peak wasn't an option for Mark Cuban and Donny Nelson. This move made up for their mistake of letting Steve Nash walk away to the Phoenix Suns (if that didnt happen, they might have won a championship already). Its all or nothing now for Dallas, along with the Phoenix Suns. The Mavs and Suns made gamble moves which for me are good moves. But only one can win a championship. Will it be the Mavs or the Suns? Or would be another team? I'll see you in June to find out!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Shaq Traded To Phoenix

The Phoenix Suns aquired center Shaquille O'neal from the Miami Heat in exchange for Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks. This seems a blockbuster trade, if it happened a few years back. But now, everyone is wondering what Steve Kerr was thinking of when he pulled the trigger on this trade. The Diesel doesn't fit the game of the Phoenix Suns. Their uptempo style of play would tire Shaq. Or is this a sign that the Phoenix Suns would abandon their pure run-and-gun type of offense? Honestly, I don't know how to react to this trade. Yes, this makes Amare play at Power forward, but the question is still "how can Shaq keep up with the Suns?" I guess we'll just have to wait until Shaq's first game with the Suns. And we'll just have to wait until the playoffs to see if this was a wise move by Suns management.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Gasol Makes Lakers Title Contenders

The trade that brought Pau Gasol from the Memphis Grizzlies to the Los Angeles Lakers has to be the best executive move this year (so far). The trade made the Lakers instant title contenders. If Andrew Bynum returns in time for the playoffs, then Kobe will have two talented big man to back him up in the post-season.

I hate the Lakers. Not just the Lakers of today, but the franchise as a whole (I am a big Bulls fan and, as a kid, hated Magic's Lakers, and it carried over until today). But Kobe's professionalism has made me a fan. He is not like cousins McGrady and Carter who will lose games on purpose to be traded. Plus, he carried his team to elite status this season with the help of rising star Andrew Bynum. Now, with Gasol in the line-up, the Lakers now become a fun team to watch with serious championship hopes.

I might finally cheer the Lakers on for the first time in history come playoff time.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

LeBron To Debut 'Yankee' Sneaker

from REALGM.com

LeBron James will take his love for the New York Yankees to the next level when he releases a new shoe that pays tribute to his favorite team.

The shoe will be navy and white while also featuring pinstripes, according to the Sports Illustrated report.
Lebron James

The underneath of the tongue will include the words, "Le-Bron Ja-Mes. Clap. Clap. Clap Clap Clap," which is a frequent cheer at Yankee Stadium

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Rockets Should Trade T-Mac

t-mac houston rockets trade
I think the Houston Rockets should trade T-Mac if they want to be among the elite teams in the NBA. The tandem of T-Mac and Yao Ming was very exciting news when the trade with the Magic happened. But nothing big really has happened since. And the Rockets performance without T-Mac (during games when he is injured) suggest that he is not that much of an impact. T-Mac is not a Kobe Bryant who can carry a team on his shoulders, even without a sidekick. T-Mac is always injured nowadays and couldn't give the Rockets the consistency they need. I don't know if there is a team that is willing to give up much for a T-Mac trade. Maybe a veteran team who is gunning for a championship can gamble on T-Mac. But take note, that is a gamble. I have no team in mind who can fit T-Mac in their team, give up some talent, and still be good.

Maybe the Rockets should trade for prospects. Or draft picks. One thing for sure is that the Yao Ming-TMac duo is nowhere near being a Shaq-Kobe tandem.

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Lakers Andrew Bynum injured

Andrew Bynum, a big factor in the Los Angeles Lakers‘ strong start, will be out at least eight weeks because of an injured left knee.MRI tests and an examination Monday by team physician Dr. Steve Lombardo revealed Bynum had temporarily dislocated his kneecap and suffered a bone bruise.

The 20-year-old center, who leads the NBA in field-goal percentage, was injured early in the third quarter of Sunday night’s 100-99 victory over Memphis when he landed on teammate Lamar Odom’s left foot while going for a rebound.

Bynum crumpled to the court, and teammates Kwame Brown and Ronny Turiaf had to carry him to the locker room as fans at Staples Center chanted, “By-num, By-num.”

Bynum is expected to make a full recovery, the Lakers said in a press release. He is expected to be out for 8 weeks.

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