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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Company of Ateneo Dancers, a blessing to me from God

Last December 1, 2007, the Company of Ateneo Dancers finished 2nd in the Skechers Street Dance Battle held at the Araneta Coliseum. I am very proud of these kids (yes, I am becoming old, thus the term kids). While they turn to me for advice and guidance in dancing, I have learned a lot from them about life. I have been through struggles these past few months, but being with them and talking to them has been a big help to me.

I was with them when all the internal turmoil happened, and I saw how they embraced all of these and just lifted all struggles to Bestfriend. Instead of crumbling down, they hung on to Him. They faced every challenge that came their way with no fear. Is it because they are so courageous? No. It is because they know, that He's got their backs. And it just reminded me of how we do it in Allstars.

I was down, struggling, but He gave me another family. A family that embraced me, especially when my other family, the Allstars, were still in the United States.

I am very proud of you CADs! You showed everyone last Saturday that winning was not as important as inspiring others. You showed everyone that the most important thing is to please Him, and no one else, not even ourselves. Now, God has rewarded you with a 1st runner-up finish, which you should use to inspire others. Continue what you are doing! God Bless!

In Dancing Excellence

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