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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ben Gordon Should Start From Bench

Bulls shooting guard Ben Gordon should start the game on the bench. Not because he isn't good enough to start, but because this is a role where he is most productive. In his rookie year, he won the sixth man of the year award. When coming off the bench, Ben Gordon is more comfortable with his shots. You can sense the pressure he carries when taking shots when he starts the game. When he comes of the bench, Ben Gordon can just fire up those long range bombs with out pressure. Scott Skiles should really consider starting Ben Gordon off the bench if he wants the Bulls season to be salvaged.

USB Hub with SATA!

got this article from http://www.engadget.com/2007/11/28/five-port-usb-hub-does-sata-and-esata-too/
by Evan Blass

Brando, e-tailer of products that you didn't even know existed -- and some that probably shouldn't -- has just released a new USB hub capable of handling SATA and eSATA drives to boot. That's right, along with hooking up five USB peripherals of your choice, you can also use the combo hub as a quick and easy way to swap out external hard drives without dealing with enclosures, RAID controllers, and the like -- at the expense of transfer speeds, of course. Available immediately, the mutant hub is going for a mere $33, or $43 if you want Old Man Brando to bundle in a power cord, too.

Brandon Vera's Acting Debut

Brandon Vera, the Filipino-American MMA fighter in the UFC, will come out in GMA 7's "Kamandag." Brandon Vera, who lost his last match at UFC 77 to Tim Sylvia, will play the role of "The Assasin." He was first tapped to train the lead in the show Richard Gutierrez in some Mixed Martial Arts skills. Now, Vera will have a small part in the show.

There hasn't been any reports on when Brandon Vera's next UFC fight will be.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Portland should've gotten Kevin Durant

With the first pick in the 2007 NBA Draft Lottery, the Portland Trailblazers took Greg Oden from Ohio State University. Only time will tell if they made the right decision.

Greg Oden got injured during the off-season and is going to sit out until next summer. Now, we suddenly see LaMarcus Aldridge emerge as one of the top young big men in the NBA. With that, I think the Blazers should've gotten Kevin Durant instead of Greg Oden. Kevin Durant is putting up monster numbers in Seattle, a team which is very incomplete in terms of filling up their positions with the right people. If Kevin Durant was in Portland, he would be teaming with Aldridge and Brandon Roy. This becomes one of the most explosive young combos in the league. Add Channing Fry into the mix, and Portland may be a sure playoff team next season.

Yes, Greg Oden is a tremendous player, and I hope he proves me wrong when he comes back. As of the moment, I think the Blazers should've gone with Kevin Durant.

Should Alonso leave McLaren or not?

As many F1 fans know, Fernando Alonso already has a strained relationship with Ron Dennis, Lewis Hamilton, and the McLaren team. The obvious move for Alonso after the 2007 season was to leave McLaren. Especially since he is a #1 type driver, but was pushed back to #2 in McLaren sometime last season. However, is moving to another team, speculated to be Renault, the wisest move for Alonzo? Yes, he may be the #1 driver there, but he will be losing something he enjoyed this season -- a superior car. Unless he is moving to Ferrari, which I highly doubt, i think Alonso should stay with McLaren. Yes some may argue that Alonso could win the championship with Renault, as he already did it twice. But those wins in 2005 and 2006 were against McLaren and Ferrari cars which are much more inferior to their cars in the 2007 season. Going back to Renault might be a bad move for him. Yes, sticking with McLaren would mean fixing broken relationships, especially with boss Ron Dennis. But i think that would be a better move, rather than "moving down" and going to another team.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Duncan or Garnett?

Who is the better player? Tim Duncan or Kevin Garnett?

I believe that this is one of the debates that will have no ending. These players are two of the best, if not the top two, players in the NBA right now. Duncan, a no-flash, fundamentally sound, efficient low-post man has won 4 Championships with the San Antonio Spurs. While the Super Athlete, Do-It-All Garnett is trying to start anew and win his first crown with the new and improved Boston Celtics.

Are Kevin Garnett's "not good enough supporting cast" in Minnesota the real reason for their misfortunes? Or is he missing something that Duncan is doing so effectively? In my opinion, its the latter reason. Kevin Garnett is 7 feet tall, but when you think about Kevin Garnett, "low-post" is not one of the things you'll think about him. This is one aspect of basketball which Duncan has mastered so well. With a dominant post-up game, Duncan not only can score down low, he also creates a lot of opportunities and shots for the other Spurs. Garnett usually starts out his plays at high post, then drives towards the basket or takes the long jumper. Yes, Garnett is an excellent outside shooter, but a low post option or a kick out to an open teammate is still a better option. With not posting down low, Garnett doesn't get that much double teams like Duncan.

In Boston, he has Ray Allen and Paul Pierce. I think Garnett should start becoming a low post player. This is one aspect of his game where in he is so good at, but doesn't utilize. If he starts getting double teamed down low, then you'll have open looks for Pierce, Allen, and even James Posey.

Right now, I'd have to say that Duncan is the better player because he has utilized the aspects of his game that are useful to winning more. But Kevin Garnett is a better athlete. So if he starts learning how to use his skills better, we may even see him win more championships than Duncan with his supporting cast.

Prison Break will be back Januray 14, 2008

The current break that Prison Break is taking was shortened. Originally, Prison Break was supposed to air its 9th episode in April. Now Prison Break has been bumped up to January. This happened after the writers' strike in FOX. Because of the writers' strike, 24's first episode's airing, supposedly in January, was canceled because FOX officials didn't want the 24 season to be interrupted. As of the moment, 24's new season has no official airing date. Bad news for the 24 fans. A little good news for Prison Break fans.

Does Kobe Still Want To Go To Chicago?

Early in the off-season, Kobe demanded the Lakers to trade him. He gave a shortlist of teams that he wanted to go to. At the top of the list was Michael Jordan's old team, the Chicago Bulls. Kobe "want(ed) to be Michale in Michael's Town." The young and upcoming Bulls were a rising team in the East, especially after last year's playoffs where they beat the Defending Champions, the Miami Heat, in the first round of the playoffs. This Bulls team were gaining elite pre-season rankings from analysts around the league. Kobe wanted to join in the success. Then the season started, and the Bulls are off to a horrible start (again). Their start is so horrible that fans in Chicago chant "Kobe! Kobe!" in games in United Center. In L.A., however, they are having a better start than some people around the league had expected. The Lakers are at 7-5, while the Bulls are at 2-10. These records include a game where the Lakers beat the Bulls.

Now, the question is: Does Kobe still want to go to Mike's town? Right now, I think it is better for him to stay in L.A. For the Bulls, they really need move fast and change things around. Change in any form, like trades, staff, game strategies, etc.

I am a Bulls fan, who at the start of the season hoped that Kobe traded to Chicago in exchange for a combination of players that would not destroy the core of the young Bulls that much. Now, those hopes are slowly becoming doubts. With the addition of Trevor Ariza, the Lakers now look like the more explosive team than the Bulls. And the Bulls right now look like the Lakers that Kobe wanted to get out of.

Now, we just have to wait, probably until the trade deadline, and see if Kobe Bryant could be the next Michael Jordan who'll bring back the NBA Championship to Chicago.

Oden's Season Ended

For NBA fans who are anticipating to see probably the best rookie class in years, I'm sorry to say but the biggest fish in the ocean won't be playing this year. Yes, Greg Oden, the number 1 pick in this year's Draft Lottery won't be donning the Blazers jersey for at least one whole season. The Blazers, the NBA, and all the fans from around the World heard the news after Greg Oden had undergone knee surgery.

Now, NBA analysts are asking the question, "Is he the next Bill Russell, or the next Sam Bowie?" For young NBA fans who aren't familiar with this Portland nightmare, Sam Bowie was the first-round pick of the Blazers back in 1984, the second overall pick of the whole draft. Sam Bowie didn't turn to be the player the Blazers envisioned him to be because of chronic injuries. You may ask, "A lot of teams had similar high draft picks and disappointing careers, so what's the difference?" The difference is they could've gone with John Stockton, Michael Cage, Otis Thorpe, Charles Barkley, Sam Perkins, or the biggest difference...Michael Jordan. Why are all the NBA analysts dwelling on this? Because if Greg Oden would turn out to be another Sam Bowie, who was denied a good NBA career because of injuries, then maybe the Blazers again let slide a future Michael Jordan, who is arguably the best basketball player in history, in the form of Kevin Durant.

NBA fans all over the world are praying that the estimated time of Oden's return would shorten. We would all love to see if Oden could continue to dominate the game in a league with big boys, just as he did with the toddlers he played with in the NCAA. So if you're planning to watch the NBA this just because of Greg Oden, then I guess...SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!

Dog Whispering

Have you just gotten a new dog? If so, one of the things that’s running through your mind is “how am I going to train this dog?” There are a lot of dog training techniques out there. But the most effective way I have seen by far is what they call “dog whispering”. The term was popularized by the National Geographic show “Dog Whisperer” by Cesar Millan.

Dog Whispering’s philosophy revolves around the concept of the pack. The pack leader in a pack of dogs is the one who dictates the moves of the whole pack. In Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan explains that to be able to make your dog behave properly, you must establish a relationship with your dog wherein you are his/her pack leader. When your dog recognizes you as the pack leader, Millan says that unwanted behavior would easily be removed. You would also be able to make your dog follow your commands because your dog would realize that he/she is not the dominant figure in your pack.

This is not only good for your dog’s obedience, but it will also be good for your dog’s health because unwanted behavior like intense barking, aggression, nervousness contributes to the dog’s stress level.

If your dog has unwanted behavior, try watching episodes of the Dog Whisperer and apply it to your dog. But if your dog is an extreme case, please seek professional help.