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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Rockets Should Trade T-Mac

t-mac houston rockets trade
I think the Houston Rockets should trade T-Mac if they want to be among the elite teams in the NBA. The tandem of T-Mac and Yao Ming was very exciting news when the trade with the Magic happened. But nothing big really has happened since. And the Rockets performance without T-Mac (during games when he is injured) suggest that he is not that much of an impact. T-Mac is not a Kobe Bryant who can carry a team on his shoulders, even without a sidekick. T-Mac is always injured nowadays and couldn't give the Rockets the consistency they need. I don't know if there is a team that is willing to give up much for a T-Mac trade. Maybe a veteran team who is gunning for a championship can gamble on T-Mac. But take note, that is a gamble. I have no team in mind who can fit T-Mac in their team, give up some talent, and still be good.

Maybe the Rockets should trade for prospects. Or draft picks. One thing for sure is that the Yao Ming-TMac duo is nowhere near being a Shaq-Kobe tandem.

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