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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

NBA TRADE RUMORS: Wade and No. 2 Pick to Bulls For No. 1 Pick

There are NBA trade rumors circulating that the Bulls are swapping the 1st pick overall and a combination of players to the Heat, for Dwyane Wade and the No. 2 pick. Usually these kinds of news are just another NBA trade rumor. But there have been a few blockbuster deals that started like this. The latest NBA trade rumor was the Kevin Garnett trade to Boston which started with Kevin Garnett saying he'll never play in Boston, but ended up leading them into the Finals.

Wade grew up in Chicago as a Michael Jordan fan, and being traded to the Bulls wouldn't be that bad. "I have a lot of history with the Bulls," Wade said. "And for them to come out with the first pick like that (with a 1.7 percent lottery chance) ... it was fitting that they would do something like that. Nobody thought that would happen. To be in that position and sit back and listen to anything and go back to a team and say: 'How about this? and 'How about that?' ... If [the Bulls] don't make any big moves like that, they're still going to have a great player."

Whatever happens in the trading arena, the Bulls would either get Michael Beasley or Derrick Rose come draft day.


Anonymous said...

not a chance!!! what a dumb rumor!

Scottie Pippen said...

I hope this trade will push thru and the bulls will be back to NBA SUpremacy!!!

Anonymous said...

the rumor is wade to bulls for the #1 pick, larry hughes and tyrus thomas. #2 pick not included, meaning the heat will have picks 1 and 2.