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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Does Kobe Still Want To Go To Chicago?

Early in the off-season, Kobe demanded the Lakers to trade him. He gave a shortlist of teams that he wanted to go to. At the top of the list was Michael Jordan's old team, the Chicago Bulls. Kobe "want(ed) to be Michale in Michael's Town." The young and upcoming Bulls were a rising team in the East, especially after last year's playoffs where they beat the Defending Champions, the Miami Heat, in the first round of the playoffs. This Bulls team were gaining elite pre-season rankings from analysts around the league. Kobe wanted to join in the success. Then the season started, and the Bulls are off to a horrible start (again). Their start is so horrible that fans in Chicago chant "Kobe! Kobe!" in games in United Center. In L.A., however, they are having a better start than some people around the league had expected. The Lakers are at 7-5, while the Bulls are at 2-10. These records include a game where the Lakers beat the Bulls.

Now, the question is: Does Kobe still want to go to Mike's town? Right now, I think it is better for him to stay in L.A. For the Bulls, they really need move fast and change things around. Change in any form, like trades, staff, game strategies, etc.

I am a Bulls fan, who at the start of the season hoped that Kobe traded to Chicago in exchange for a combination of players that would not destroy the core of the young Bulls that much. Now, those hopes are slowly becoming doubts. With the addition of Trevor Ariza, the Lakers now look like the more explosive team than the Bulls. And the Bulls right now look like the Lakers that Kobe wanted to get out of.

Now, we just have to wait, probably until the trade deadline, and see if Kobe Bryant could be the next Michael Jordan who'll bring back the NBA Championship to Chicago.


Anonymous said...

nah, kobe won't go to the Bulls

Anonymous said...

ifever Kobe went to Chicago, i think the Bulls will have to break the core up. unless kupchak makes another stupid deal.

Anonymous said...

I hope kobe doesnt go he is my favorite player and i love the lakers