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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Should Alonso leave McLaren or not?

As many F1 fans know, Fernando Alonso already has a strained relationship with Ron Dennis, Lewis Hamilton, and the McLaren team. The obvious move for Alonso after the 2007 season was to leave McLaren. Especially since he is a #1 type driver, but was pushed back to #2 in McLaren sometime last season. However, is moving to another team, speculated to be Renault, the wisest move for Alonzo? Yes, he may be the #1 driver there, but he will be losing something he enjoyed this season -- a superior car. Unless he is moving to Ferrari, which I highly doubt, i think Alonso should stay with McLaren. Yes some may argue that Alonso could win the championship with Renault, as he already did it twice. But those wins in 2005 and 2006 were against McLaren and Ferrari cars which are much more inferior to their cars in the 2007 season. Going back to Renault might be a bad move for him. Yes, sticking with McLaren would mean fixing broken relationships, especially with boss Ron Dennis. But i think that would be a better move, rather than "moving down" and going to another team.


Anonymous said...

i think he should stay with mclaren

Ferrari4564 said...

well, that's in a fantasy world where alonso and ron dennis are best friends. i dont think he should stay cause it will just cause internal problems AGAIN!