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Monday, April 28, 2008

Hawks Stun Celtics...Again!

The Atlanta Hawks stunned the Boston Celtics once again by beating them 97-92. Joe Johnson, who gave much praise to rookie teammate Al Horford for their game 3 win, took on the leader's role in game 4. Johnson scored 20 of his 35 points in the fourth quarter and answered almost every basket the Celtics converted down the stretch. Now, a game 5 is already in the works in a series that many experts believed would not go beyond the fourth game. The Hawks have the worst record among all playoff teams this season. But that didn't hinder them from showing the world that when playoff time comes, regular season records doesn't matter.

Josh Smith added 28 points and a franchise playoff record-breaking 7 blocks for the Hawks, who have the youngest roster in the playoffs today.

After getting blown out in the first two games, Atlanta became a different team on their home turf. Rookie Al Horford got into Paul Pierce's face after making a shot in game 3, prompting the Boston forward to flash a menacing gesture. Pierce was fined $25,000 before the start of game 4. Then in the second quarter of game 4, Kevin Garnett elbowed Zaza Pachulia that prompted a heated forehead-to-forehead argument.

The game started as if the Celtics would blow the Hawks away. But that all changed when Johnson unleashed his scoring prowess. Instead of heading back to Boston with a 3-1 lead, The Celtics go into game 5 - which I don't think Celtics fans had tickets to before game 3 - with the series tied. The most lopsided series on paper, is now the most interesting series in the playoffs. Beating the Celtics on their homecourt will be the ultimate test for the Hawks. They should expect that Joe Johnson will be a marked man. Other players should now step up and contribute if they want an upset to happen in this series.


Garnett Sucks! said...

Boston has won the series already. BUt i hope they lose to the Cavs.