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Monday, April 28, 2008

Lakers Sweep Nuggets

The Los Angeles Lakers brought out their brooms in Game 4 of their playoff match-up with Denver as they beat the Nuggets 107-101. This series has been the only sweep of this season's post-season.

The Nuggets tried to get back into the game through the efforts of J.R. Smith. But Smith's efforts weren't enough. Kobe Bryant then took over when it mattered most scoring nine points in a row in the 4th quarter and lead the Lakers to a 107-101 win over the 8th seeded Denver Nuggets.

The Lakers didn't really have a good game, but the Nuggets didn't take advantage of the Lakers' sloppy game. Aside from J.R. Smith, none of the Nuggets seemed pumped up to win this game against L.A.


Capitan Guapo said...

so, you think AI is returning to Denver? I don't think he is. Good point about none of the Nuggs looking too interested. The only few examples I can think of to contradict that point are few and far between: Camby played like he cared, Nene was trying hard for an out of shape guy, and Anthony Carter cared. But they really needed KMart to show up, 'Melo to not make so many poor decisions (missed dunk, missed layups, late 6th foul), etc.
But yea, with George Karl + Iverson's complaints + the look on Iverson's face + salary cap = no AI in Denver next season.

Capitan Guapo said...

BTW, you should use some photos to make your blog look better. People are 75% more likely to stay on your page a minute or more if there's big photos/art.

Source: Associated Press study

NeekoBoi said...

thanks for the tip Capitan!