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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What Should The Dallas Mavericks Do?

If the Mavericks do not survive their first round match-up with the New Orleans Hornets, what should they do in the off-season? Would Mark Cuban regret trading Devin Harris Away? For now, there are reports that the most obvious move Cuban would make is to fire Head Coach Avery Johnson. Would that be a wise move? Stats wise, it is. Avery has a record of 2-10 in his last 12 playoff games, which includes the 2006 Finals collapse.

Another thing to think about is whether or not to keep Jason Kidd. The move that brought Kidd to Dallas was supposed to be an upgrade for this season...nothing beyond this season. A rebuilding process might not be that appealing to team leader Dirk Nowitzki, so what other options does Cuban have? Can Dallas pull-off what Mitch Kupchak did in LA? Kupchak made the Lakers a contender in an instant. Does Cuban have the pieces and connections (some say this is how Kupchak acquired Gasol for virtually nothing from the Grizzlies) to be able to acquire the right pieces in the off-season for a legitimate shot at the Championship in the future?

Right now, the Mavericks are just hoping that they could still salvage this season and just win it all as to avoid any panic rebuilding. By winning the title, Mark Cuban can say that all the moves he has done has finally paid off. But until that happens, Cuban has to think of ways to bring back the Mavericks to the top of the NBA.


Jonesy said...

Perhaps what the Mavericks should do is use that capitalist pig Cuban's money and build a time machine to go back and resign two-time MVP Steve Nash.

NeekoBoi said...

yeah, letting Steve Nash walk is one of the dumbest things the Mavs had done.

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