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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Coaching Changes in the NBA

Now that some teams have been eliminated from the playoffs, expect that there will be lots of coaching interviews that will happen from now until training camp. Two of the most mentioned names so far have been Avery Johnson, who was recently fired by the Mavs, and Mike D'Antoni, the Suns mentor who many expect won't return next season. Another big name who had already landed a job is Larry Brown. Brown joined fellow former Tar Heel Michael Jordan to try to turn things around in Charlotte.

When it comes to the teams who are looking for coaches, the most watched teams have to be Chicago and New York. New York had interviewed Mark Jackson for the job, but the Bulls also seem interested in the former Knick point guard. However, with recent news that Sam Mitchell might be on the chopping block in Toronto, the Knicks might give it a go with Mitchell. Donnie Walsh, the new boss in New York, loved Mitchell's toughness when Mitchell played in in Indiana for Walsh. Some say that Mitchell might be the one who can make Eddy Curry and Zach Randolph work more.

In Toronto, it seems that Bryan Colangelo would be reuniting with Mike D'Antoni if the Suns decide that they would trash their run-run-run style of play. Steve Kerr had emphasized that the only way to win a championship is through defense. If D'Antoni is fired, there is no doubt that Colangelo would hire D'Antoni and build the new run-run-run team in Toronto.

As for the Bulls, GM John Paxon seems to like Avery Johnson. In some reports, they state that Paxon is leaning towards hiring a former player who was "tough" during his playing years. With that said, Avery Johnson and Mark Jackson would be the most fitting candidates for the job.

The coaching carousel continues in the NBA. No man is safe from the axing of the head offices. Not even coaches who compiled a winning record for the team. For team owners and executives, only one thing is important...win a title.

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