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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Derek Fisher…Key to Lakers’ Success?

Johnny Ludden wrote a column in Yahoo! Sports about Derek Fisher being the "Most Valuable Teammate." It was something I have never thought about when thinking of the Lakers' success story this season. I always attribute it to Kobe's passion for the game, or Gasol's addition to the team. But thinking about it, Fisher might be the 2nd biggest factor for the Lakers' winning ways. In 1996, the Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher Lakers career started. They won 3 championships together then the Laker Dynasty pieces went their separate ways. Kobe stayed on, and the Lakers weren't winning that much.

Last season, when Kobe was eliminated, Derek Fisher was deep into the playoffs. Then came the news on Fisher's Daughter's cancer. Fisher needed to move to a city where there are facilities that can cure Fisher's daughter. He moved to L.A.

Kobe was delighted to have his most trusted teammate back in a Laker uniform. Fisher was the veteran presence they needed. Now, he has played big for the Lakers. Unfortunately for the Jazz, it was Fisher, the guy they let go for his daughter's cause, who nailed the dagger in game 2 of the Lakers-Jazz series.

The Lakers is often about Kobe Bryant, but after reading Ludden's column, this duo may somehow be likened to the famous quote about Jordan and Pippen, "Michael never won a ring without Scottie." The Lakers is not just about Kobe Bryant, it can also be about Derek Fisher.

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