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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Jerry Stackhouse: Carlisle is the Right Fit!

Jerry Stackhouse believes that Rick Carlisle is a right fit for the Mavs. Many believe that this isn't so.

"He's the best guy available and the best coach for our team with our personalities," said Stackhouse, who played for Carlisle in Detroit. "He's the best fit without question. There are not enough positive things I can say about him."

"Rick is smart enough to get it done," Stackhouse assured. "If you judge him from what he has done in the past, there is reason to ask can this guy adjust to what the Mavericks want to do as they go forward. But knowing him, he's a coach who adjusts and operates with the personnel he has."

Jerry Stackhouse is not sure to be on the Mavs' roster come training camp. Many believe that the coaching change is one of many moves Mark Cuban will make this off-season for the Mavs, who lost in the first round to the New Orleans Hornets.