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Friday, May 16, 2008

Spurs Fans Are Classless

In Game 6 of the Hornets and Spurs, Robert Horry struck again. No, it wasn't Big Shot Bob. Those days are now over. Instead, Cheap Shot Bob appeared again. Robert Horry delivered a leaning pick into David West's injured back and sent West into the locker room. If you see the replay, it isn't a malicious play. But because it was Robert Horry, you'll now think and wonder that it is. Yes, Robert Horry is the Spurs' hit man. However Pop tries his sarcasm to suggest that Horry's foul was clean, everyone knows how Horry thinks, especially after his hip-check to Steve Nash last year in the playoffs.

But enough about Horry, cause everyone already knows how dirty the guy is on the court. What I was shocked to see was how the crowd reacted. When David West was down with his injured back, the crowd started to chant "Horry...Horry...Horry!" I can't believe my ears! These people are cheering someone who decked a person to the ground with the possibility of a long term injury. These people are just classless. I used to admire San Antonio. They had the best team this decade, the best organization, the best fans. No one in the world gives them credit despite winning championships every other year. And their fans are a big part of it...and I admire them for that. But after game 6, i simply lost respect for them. You just don't cheer for someone who injured another person. Even if the person who committed the foul was on your team.

Bowen used to be the Dirty Harry in San Antonio, now it's "Dirty Horry", along with his Mob.

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